BSC Services activity is associated with CHP (natural gas and biogas engines) maintenance and service in the warranty and post-warranty period. Our mission is to ensure the well-being of the client, taking  care of the plant equipment performance, operational efficiency and reduce daily expenses.

Warranty and post warranty

Warranty and post warranty.

Service and maintenance

CHP station warranty, post warranty planned maintenance and service

Spare parts stock

CHP station operational decrescent and wearproof knot delivery from our warehouse

About Us Implemented more than 100 projects

BSC Service main work is related with CHP - combined heat and power station (natural gas and biogas engines) maintenance, warranty and post warranty service. Our mission is to ensure our clients wellbeing by taking daily care of station equipment functions, its effectiveness and daily expense reduction in exploitation period.

Service and maintenance

Providing warranty and post warranty service, planned maintenance.We do E10 / E70 maintenance work.     .

Spare parts stock

Manufacturer's original or analogous spare parts, grease ordering/delivery/installation. A lot of spare parts in the stock. Short delivery time. .

24/7 technical support

24 h service technical support for ensuring uninterrupted work. .

Development planning

Technical and technological task establishing, sketch project development, technically economical substantiation development .

Equipment delivery / installation

Mini Tec composing, auxiliary equipment, installation works. Contract supervision and plant commissioning. The conclusion of the project according the technical requirement and design   .

Warranty and post warranty

Warranty and post warranty maintenance. .

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Where are your working?

We are working in the Baltic States , Belaruss, Russia and EU countries.

What are your opening hours?

We open for clients 24/7.

Do you get special conditions for contract clients?

Each our independent customers in the long term, improving each customer discount amount and after pay options.

Do you get executed work and spare parts warranty?

The our company carried works and spare parts for at least 6-12 months warranty

How long does delivery of spare parts?

For all maintanence spare parts are available locally in our store


Twenty- four hour (24/7) service phone + 371 25474475